How to Tell if Your Sliding Door Rollers Need Cleaning

May 22nd, 2020

It’s not enough to just clean the obvious fingerprints and marks on the glass panes – you also have to consider the tracks and wheels.

Have you done this before? If not, it will now probably make sense as to why the wheels aren’t gliding as easily as they used to. A buildup of dirt and dust over time will stop your sliding doors from rolling completely. We definitely want to avoid this!

How To Clean Your Sliding Door Tracks

You may have already discovered that cleaning your sliding door tracks is somewhat of an awkward task. The accumulation of dust, debris, bugs and grime that they collect over time can often make them particularly difficult to clean. Ignoring this, however, could cause your sliding doors to stop working altogether, therefore making it unsafe and inconvenient for everyone living in the property.

Start by vacuuming the area first, and then go in with a soapy sponge and water bucket to scrub away the rest of the dirt. You will never get this area perfectly clean but you will notice that with regular maintenance, (at least once a week), your sliding door will glide a lot easier.

Sliding Door’s Sill

Keeping the glass of your sliding door clean is important and it should be cleaned regularly to remove any fingerprints or marks that it may have acquired from frequent use. However, it’s important to remember that the sill also needs regular cleaning. Leaving this to collect dust over time will eventually damage your sliding door rollers.

We do not suggest using oil or any form of lubrication to clean your sliding doors, unless specified from your supplier.

If Your Sliding Door Is No Longer Sliding

If problems persist even after you have given the tracks a thorough clean, then the roller of your sliding door most likely needs to be cleaned.

To begin, you need to start off by removing the stationary glass and sliding glass door and check to see if the rollers are broken. If they’re okay, you’ve most likely got a build of debris that needs cleaning. Clean it easily with warm soapy water.

Once that’s fixed and you have managed to remove most of the dirt, you can re-install your sliding door and then put your glass panel in place.

With regular cleaning, your sliding doors shouldn’t incur too many problems. Given they are used often, they are bound to have noticeable wear and tear, though the risk of this can be easily mitigated by making sure you’re keeping the rollers clean.

If you continue to experience problems even after following these steps, then it’s important to reach out to an industry-professional, or potentially look into getting your sliding doors changed.

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