Things to Consider Before Installing a Sliding Door

September 4th, 2019
kitchen setting with sliding door

Sliding doors are incredibly popular today but before one installs a sliding door there are a few things that need to be accounted for. This article aims to inform you about those considerations to make sure your sliding door installation runs smoothly.

What type of sliding door is right for you?

  • The Bi-folding Door

These doors open by overlapping each other, almost folding into each other and being pushed flat against another wall. These sliding doors are usually quite expensive but look great. If choosing this door you need to make sure there is space on one of the walls to allow the width of the door to sit against it.


  • The Sliding “Patio” Glass Door

The most common sliding door and let’s say the most traditional of sliding doors. Made up of two panels, where one door slides behind the other they fit easily into relatively small spaces; often found in Kitchens, bedrooms with adjoining balconies and dining room areas; they are a wonderful and affordable option.


  • The Multi-Sliding “Stacker” Glass Door

This style sliding door is the ideal solution for modern households and budgets; using three or more panels they are typically found in living spaces of modern homes. These sliding doors maximise the openings bringing the outside in while having all the space saving elements of a traditional sliding door. While ticking all the boxes, these doors are typically quite affordable.


  • Cavity “Pocket” Sliding Door

These are by far the sleekest of sliding doors as they truly allow you to bring the outside in and at all times. These doors sliding into wall pockets and are great for those that don’t have much space or for those looking to make their space look grand.


Where should you install your sliding doors

There are many places sliding doors, all of which are dependent on your place of living and your desired outcome. Normal hinged doors take up space when opened, but having a hidden sliding door can really help to open up space. Perfect to increase the size of a smaller bathroom or laundry.

The other natural spot for a sliding door and either of the above types of doors will work is you from inside to your outdoor space. If you have an entertaining home or kids that love to get outside all day long, then a sliding door to your backyard is a great choice. Not only does it look great but it allows you to bring the outside in with plenty of natural light.

If you do have kids with a lot of energy, sliding doors are a safe option incorporating shatter proof glass.


What size sliding door do you need?

There are many sizes for sliding doors and they can also be custom made. This all depends on the size of the room and the ability to accomodate the door types above. Each room is different and has its own requirements, so we advise measuring twice and considering all door types that is best for your space.

Note depending on the glass you may need heavy duty door rollers. This is something that is more commonly used in commercial, multi-dwelling and architecturally built homes, but big panes of glass can be heavy, so to make sure they operate smoothly and easily, heavy duty door rollers are required.


What door material should you consider?

When most people think sliding doors they instantly think of glass, this is because of the advantage of glass sliding doors, but often other materials either replace the glass and are incorporated into the frames of your sliding doors. What’s becoming quite popular with the New York Loft trend is sliding barn doors and steel framing. Making these a feature where they roll in front of the wall or provide decorative patterns, presenting more as a piece of art as opposed to a door.

Aside from glass all of the below come in many colours to match your decor and style.

  • Glass
  • Wooden
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass

Maintaining your sliding door

Sliding doors are fantastic and just like any door it will require some maintenance from time to time. This is not a daily or weekly job, but something to remember and consider before installing your sliding door.

If your sliding door is outside then you will need to make sure the frame is clean of dust and dirt as overtime this can make the sliding door not glide as smoothly when first opened. So you’ll need to give it a clean a few times of year. This can be cleaned through a vacuum and a wipe of the door hardware, please make sure you clean the wheel carriage to make sure your door can slide with ease.

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