Anthony Innovations is a proud distributor of Securistyle, who are a market leading providor of window hardware solutions. Securistyle specialise in natural ventilation for large commercial window openings, offering a wide range of heavy duty window hardware including hinges, restrictors, locks and ancillaries.


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  • The Defender Standard is a high performance friction hinge.
  • A self-balancing hinge range achieving high gust loading performance on projecting top and side hung windows
  • The Defender Restricted designed specifically for resident safety.
  • A heavy duty friction hinge.
  • The Parallel Plus allows for aesthetically pleasing sightlines, maintaining the reflective qualities of the fa├žade, with built-in features to provide the ultimate in natural ventilation by providing a balanced air flow around the entire opening
  • The Standard Duty Restrictor Stays give an opportunity to permanently restrict opening vents, particularly useful in applications where resident safety is required or where windows open out onto corridors or gangways. In normal operation the restrictor stay allows the vent to open until the slider engages against the opening stop in the track.
  • Fixed restrictor stay for use with Sterling and Storm Balanced heavy duty hinges.
  • Key release restrictor stay for use with Sterling and Storm Balanced heavy duty hinges

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