KWIKfit Coastal

10 year warranty of TraXtar™ Duo

Product Description

The KWIKfit™ Coastal is one of the latest introductions to the KWIKfit range of rollers. Designed to cater for heavier security and screen doors.

Features and benefits

  • 0.0
    Load capacity up to 40kg caters above market requirements
  • 0.1
    Rack adjustment mechanism allows full adjustment in a single revolution for quick on-site installation
  • 0.2
    9.5mm height adjustment range accommodates for a wide range of variability
  • 0.3
    Anti backwind feature enables the product to remain in the set adjusted position
  • 0.4
    Spring loaded mechanism enables constant contact with the track reducing the possibility of the door derailing
  • 0.5
    Polymer wheels reduce noise and minimise track wear
  • 0.6
    Tested to 50,000 cycles and 10-year warranty

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