10 year warranty of TraXtar™ Duo

Product Description

The N7000 is a side adjustable tandem roller for use on panels weighing up to 240kg. The robust structural integrity ensures that safety and reliability is guaranteed.

Standard models available with:

36mm wheel
9.5mm adjustment range

Other wheel diameter options and widths available upon request.

Product documents

Technical drawings

Features and benefits

  • 0.0
    AAMA certified to 120kg making it ideal for 240kg panel weights.
  • 0.1
    Side adjustable under load for ease of installation.
  • 0.2
    Machined polymer wheels reduce track wear improving performance and increasing product longevity.
  • 0.3
    Wheels available in machined polymer or stainless steel.
  • 0.4
    Precision bearing wheels reduce noise and operating force making it quiet and effortless to open large sliding panels.Sealed bearings protect against on site contamination

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