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Product Care & Maintenance

A lifelong devotion to quality

Since 1951 Anthony Innovations has been working with customers to create solutions that enhance motion device performance. Our commitment to quality, consistency and product development has enabled us to maintain long-standing customer relationships and to continuously build new partnerships globally. As we worked with our customers our products evolved over time, building a repertoire of expertise which we continue to apply today.

Product Care

The following information will ensure the correct installation and operation of sliding door rolling hardware manufactured by Anthony Innovations.


All sealed bearings are grease packed. DO NOT lubricate the bearing or track surface, as it will impede the product’s function and


A positive clockwise turn will adjust the height of the roller. Please note that a No.2 or No.3 Phillips head screwdriver is recommended for adjustment. Proper adjustment will maximise the performance and longevity of hardware.


  1. Do not exceed the limits of the hardware:
    – Before installing the heavy sliding door panel, check the weight limitations specified by the manufacturer.
    – Ensure hardware, such as rollers and track, are designed to handle the weight of the panel.
    – Exceeding the weight limits will lead to damage, operational issues and premature failure. If you’re unsure about the weight limits,
    consult the manufacturer.
  2. Ensure gentle placement of panel on track to avoid damage to hardware:
    – While handling the heavy sliding door panel, exercise caution and avoid dropping it onto the rolling hardware.
    – Dropping the panel may cause damage to the panel, hardware, and track system, causing premature failure.
    – Ensure a controlled and gentle placement onto the rolling hardware.


During storage, the product should be kept clean and in sealed boxes.
Avoid using harsh chemicals for cleaning.

Track Cleaning

Clear the door track of contaminants:

  • Before installing the door panel, thoroughly inspect the track and remove any dirt, debris, or other contaminants.
  • Clean the track using a soft brush or cloth and mild detergent to ensure smooth and uninterrupted sliding door movement.
  • Contaminants in the track can hinder the panel’s operation, leading to potential damage or malfunctions.

Terms & Conditions Warranty

(1) The Vendor’s liability for defective Goods manufactured by it is limited to repairing, or at
the Vendor’s option replacing, the defective goods provided that:

  • the defective Goods are returned to the Vendor free of cost.
  • defects have arisen solely from faulty materials or workmanship;
  • the goods have not received maltreatment, inattention, interference, overload or abuse during assembly
    or operation;
  • the damage has not arisen from:
  • improper adjustment, calibration or operation by the Purchaser;
  • the use of accessories not manufactured by or approved in writing by the Vendor;
  • any contamination or leakages caused or induced by the Purchaser;
  • any modifications of the Goods not authorised in writing by the Vendor;
  • inadequate or incorrect site specification;
  • accessories of any kind used by the Purchaser are manufactured by or approved by the Vendor; and
  • the goods have been properly mounted, operated, adequately lubricated and serviced in accordance with the Vendor’s

(2) If:

  • the Purchaser is acknowledged in writing by the Vendor as a member of any recognised building industry body or organisation,
  • the Goods are to be supplied by the Purchaser to a member of any recognised building industry body or organisation, and the Goods are used in an approved use in the Building Industry, the warranty referred to in paragraph (11) (1) shall apply to the Goods for a period of ten (10) years after the Goods have been delivered subject otherwise to the conditions specified in
    paragraph 11 (1).

(3) If the Vendor does not manufacture the goods, the warranty of the manufacturer thereof is accepted by the Purchaser and is the only warranty given to the Purchaser in respect of the goods.

(4) the Vendor shall not be liable for and the Purchaser releases the Vendor from any claims in respect of faulty or defective design of the Goods unless such design has been wholly prepared by the Vendor and the responsibility for any claim has been specifically accepted by the Vendor in writing. The Vendor’s liability hereunder is limited to repairing, or at the Vendor’s option
replacing, the relevant Goods.

(5) Except as provided herein and to the extent permitted by law, all express and implied warranties, guarantees and conditions under statute and general law as to merchantability, description, quality, suitability or fitness of the goods for any purpose or as to design, assembly, installation, material or workmanship or otherwise are hereby expressly excluded and the Vendor shall not be liable for physical or financial injury, loss or damage or for consequential loss or damage of any kind arising out of the supply, layout, assembly, installation or operation of the Goods or arising out of the Vendor’s negligence or in any way whatsoever.

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