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We are a window and door roller supplier, designer and manufacturer. Our rollers enable you to improve or upgrade current window and door systems. Our products are engineered to carry increased weight capacity and can be applied to large, heavy doors to reduce rolling resistance.

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High quality rollers for sliding glass doors and windows
We are committed to the development of products that support the evolution of the fenestration industry and to provide high-performing window and door rollers.
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Anthony Innovations rollers are designed to fit standard fenestration systems, existing panel profiles and can also be tailored to suit custom rail profiles. Our engineers will also work with window and door suppliers and partners to develop rollers that meet specific needs.

They apply their problem-solving capabilities and mastery of steel, plastic, polymer and other alloys to develop superior rollers that can move large sliding doors and reduce rolling resistance. Our heavy-duty wheel carriages have undergone rigorous testing, making them ideal commercial sliding door rollers for weight driven specifications.

No matter what the environment is, Anthony Innovations has sliding door hardware to suit. Relevant also as residential sliding glass door rollers, our products ensure smooth sliding action for larger openings in high-end residential environments.
Designing Windows & Door Rollers
Suppliers of Windows & Door Rollers
As a sliding door roller supplier and designer, a large part of the motivation behind our product development is to create products that reduce rolling resistance, whilst simultaneously increasing the load carrying capacity.
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