Low Sightline Roller

Product Description

The Low Sightline Roller is designed to be used within the Sill of the door system, maximising the glass area of the window space whilst simultaneously keeping the door frame to a minimum. The 30kg load rating is designed to cater for increased load capacities through the addition of subsequent rollers.

Features and benefits

  • 0.0
    30kg load capacity per roller and able to hold increased weight capacity by adding additional rollers
  • 0.1
    Self levelling spring mechanism allows the load to evenly distribute across multiple rollers
  • 0.2
    Sealed precision bearing components for reduced operating force
  • 0.3
    Easily inserted into the sill or bottom rail saving on time on installation and maintenance
  • 0.4
    Polymer wheels reduce track wear ensuring the product retains performance over time
  • 0.5
    Stainless steel components for reduced risk of corrosion

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